About Us

About Us | Metro Driving School LLC - Tulsa, OK

Based in Broken Arrow, Metro Driving School strives to create better drivers in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area of Oklahoma. We do this by offering a wide variety of courses for both new and experienced drivers, all while offering some of the most affordable rates for defensive driving instruction and new driver instruction. Our students are safer, better prepared for the short reaction time of area highways, and able to make better decisions as they navigate throughout Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and beyond.

Driver Education Requirements are Met by Metro

Oklahoma has long had one of the most stringent and effective ways of licensing new drivers, with teens required to complete either a parental driving course, a professional driving education program, or an in-school driver's education course. These requirements might sound tough, but they're actually pretty easy to met, especially at Metro. Our new driver program is setup to ensure that those new to the road get a wealth of hands-on experience on area side streets, main thoroughfares, and even interstates.

Defensive Driving a Priority, Too

Our six-hour defensive driving course teaches motorists how to adeptly avoid accidents. Best of all, it earns attendees a discount on their car insurance premiums and removes up to two penalty points from their driver's license. Give us a call today to learn more about this key offering.