Driving Education

Driving Education | Metro Driving School LLC | Tulsa, OK | (918) 899-4083

Driver Education - $290

10 hours of classroom instructions followed by 6 hours of behind the wheel instructions. Call for Registration 918-899-4083
*classroom instructions Saturdays and Sundays 1:00-6:00 PM
*Spring Break, Fall Break, Christmas Break Thurs & Fri 1:00-6:00pm
*driving 3 (2 hour) sessions scheduled throughout the week.

Practical Experience and Lots of Driving Time

We start out our driving education program by offering a look at every button, lever, and control within the cabin of a typical car. We teach students how to use their headlights, hazards, wipers, and more. This basic knowledge might seem a bit "too" basic, but it's required by the state and is key to passing any driving test.

Beyond the basics, we teach drivers the skills they need to safely drive a vehicle through the city, on side streets and interstates as an instructional tool when navigating fast-paced traffic. Our focus is on how to safely operate the car with reduced reaction times, and this is a great way to instruct new drivers.

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