New and experienced drivers in Oklahoma need to know they have the skills to stay safe. That's where our courses excel.

Driving Education

Driving Education | Metro Driving School LLC : Broken Arrow, OK
The state of Oklahoma requires that new drivers present a driver's education green card or a certificate of completion from a driving school..

Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive Driving Classes | Metro Driving School LLC : Broken Arrow, OK
Defensive driving is a key way to stay safe on Tulsa and Broken Arrow's busy highways and neighborhood streets, and our six-hour course will prepare drivers...

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons | Metro Driving School LLC : Broken Arrow, OK
The best way for young drivers to pass their test with ease and stay safe afterward is to give them lots of experience. Our courses are designed...

Our Mission

Give Yourself the Best Shot at Successful and Safe Driving

Metro Driving School has been offering expert instruction to new and more seasoned drivers for years, with the right approaches to ensure that all drivers remain safe even in the most trying situation. Our driver's education program gives students all of the skills they require, from basic vehicle operation to highway driving, in-town driving, parking, and more. Perhaps best of all, the completion of our course satisfies Oklahoma state requirements for driver experience and education.

For older drivers, our defensive driving courses convey the skills needed to avoid accidents and emergencies on the road. The program is six hours long, and it can remove up to 2 points from a driver's license. Furthermore, it's good for three years of insurance discounts at major insurance companies nationwide.

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